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Sheet Music:

The price of sheet music will vary depending on where it is purchased and who owns the arrangement. Click on a song title for more info.

If "
(SO)" [Special Order] is after the song title, the arrangement requires publisher approval and a fee will be incurred by the publisher(s). Contact me for more info.

Learning Tracks:

If there is a clip or demo listed with a song, then there are learning tracks available. They are $50 per set (just the full-mix demo: $2). Email me if you wish to purchase them. I accept Venmo or Paypal, but email me before sending any payment. Tracks are emailed to you in MP3 format. You are responsible for mechanical licensing, if necessary. I only produce learning tracks for my own arrangements. If you need custom tracks for someone else's arrangement, go here: BHS Tracks List


Custom Arrangements:

For a typical song, I charge a $400 arranging fee. There may be additional publisher fees involved. If you are interested in commissioning me, email me with the details.

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